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CWA Statement on AT&T West Negotiations

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Communications Workers of America has reached a tentative agreement with AT&T West with the help of a federal mediator. The proposed contract covers 17,000 workers in California and Nevada.

CWA local presidents are meeting to discuss details of the proposed agreement; information is being sent to the membership and a ratification vote is being scheduled.

Members Vote Down Tentative Agreement for AT&T West

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Members of the Communications Workers of America in District 9 (representing workers in California and Nevada) from all locals participated in counting the votes on the tentative agreement reached with AT&T West covering 17,000 workers.

The result: CWA members did not ratify the tentative agreement by a margin of 53% to 47%.

CWA has notified the Company of the results and is working on next steps.

AT&T West - Tentative Agreement Reached

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 9 bargaining teams have reached a tentative agreement with AT&T West and DIRECTV West, District 9 Vice President Tom Runnion reported.

The tentative four-year settlement provides for pay raises, improvements in job security and retirement benefits, continued affordable healthcare and other improvements for AT&T West and DIRECTV West workers in California and Nevada. This proposed contract is the first for DIRECTV workers.

Vice President Runnion said, “I’m proud of their solidarity and of the hard work of our bargaining teams that were determined to reach a fair contract.”

Details of the proposed contract are being provided to the locals’ leadership, and contract explanation meetings are being scheduled beginning next week. A ratification vote also is being scheduled.

AT&T West Bargaining Comittee Speaks

AT&T West Bargaining Committee gives update.

AT&T West Bargaining Updates

AT&T West Bargaining Reports can be viewed here: to be redirected to CWA District 9 or CWA HQ click the links highlighted in blue.

May 4, 2017

For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Contact: Sarah Ford; 812-243-7152;
Desmond Lee; 646-517-1826;

As 21,000 AT&T workers prepare for potential nationwide strike, New Report Pulls Back the Curtain on AT&T’s Vast Network of Offshored Call Centers.

Analysis reveals that workers and customers are paying the price for the company’s race to the bottom, with California communities among the hardest hit by job cuts.

WASHINGTON — As AT&T faces growing pressure on multiple fronts – from Wall Street investors to frontline workers, a new report released today by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) provides an unprecedented window into the company’s sprawling web of 38 third-party call centers in eight countries that are driving a race to the bottom for low wages and compromising quality service for millions of AT&T customers.

This week, AT&T workers and CWA representatives are meeting with call center vendor employees in the Dominican Republic to learn more about what has happened to the jobs AT&T has shipped overseas and the anti-union backlash facing Dominican workers who attempt to improve conditions. During the Verizon strike last year, CWA representatives uncovered a massive offshoring operation in the Philippines, and were confronted by armed security while seeking a meeting with Verizon management.

In California, the company has shut down five call centers since 2011, resulting in the loss of nearly 1,000 middle-class jobs across communities such as:
• Anaheim
• Bakersfield
• Atwater
• Sacramento
• Oakland

For AT&T Mobility bargaining updates click here.

 As of midnight on April 9, 2016, we’re working without a contract.

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The CWA AT&T Contract expires on April 9, 2016. We hope that negotiations prove fruitful and our Bargaining Team reaches a fair and just settlement by the deadline. However, being prepared is crucial should the company force us out on strike.

CWA Local 9415 has been busy preparing for any possibilities that may result from the 2016 negotiations. We are prepared to assist everyone who supports our efforts to achieve a fair and just contract. This does not mean that we expect to go on strike - rather, it means we stand prepared to assist the efforts for workplace justice.

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