CWA Local 9415

Legacy (T) Bargaining Survey


Item - General wage increase which leaves all members financially better off overall at the conclusion of bargaining, than they were at the previous agreements expiration, in terms of real earnings and new money.

We deserve our fair share in basic wage increases for all CWA members. This increase should be commensurate with company profits and executive compensation allowing our members and their families to improve their standard of living.

Item - Improvements to healthcare benefits of current employees and retirees.

Goal - Include lower premiums, less out of pocket cost and better coverage with no additional tier benefits (Including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).

Item - Mandatory post-retirement bargaining for future retiree’s healthcare benefits.

Goal – Ensure that post-retirement healthcare cannot be unilaterally changed after retirement.

We must maintain a high quality of healthcare for current employees and retirees while
containing reasonable cost share. Our intent is that benefits, once bargained, will be available, without question, to all of our members.

Item -Defined benefit pensions should be made available for all employees. Mandatory postretirement bargaining of future retiree’s pension(s).

Item - Improve pensions and other retirement plans and related benefits.

Goal - minimize early retirement penalties and maximize options, including early cash out of vested pensions, and lowering eligibility age and service requirements.

Goal- Ensure post-retirement pensions cannot be unilaterally changed after retirement and that they keep up with the cost of living.

Item - Annual cost of living increases for all current retirees.

Item - Annual cost of living increases for all future retirees.

Goal – Add self-directed 401k option for all bargaining units.

We need pension improvements in all plans to insure all our members can retire with dignity regardless of their job title.

Item - Improve the current employment security clause on all levels including the premises technician and wire technicians.

Item - Guaranteed formal instructor-led company provided training for all jobs of the future.

Item - Watermark of 100% of headcount at the expiration of the current CBA for the duration of the new contract.

Goal - Enhance incentives for employees to leave voluntarily.

Item - Improve language addressing subcontracting, non-union subsidiaries, outsourcing and management doing what should be bargaining unit work, including existing, new and emerging technologies. (Example T&T variable workforce agreement Article 43.16)

We need real limits on contracting/outsourcing/offshoring of our work to prevent diminishing our Bargaining unit(s).

Item - New work to be CWA represented and not migrated to lower wage scales.
Item – Keep and improve the National Transfer Plan including acquisitions and future titles
and/or any work represented by the Union.

Goal - Improve voluntary transfer rights to all entities within AT&T with seniority, benefits and pension protection.

Goal - Employees who are satisfactory in their current jobs are eligible to transfer.

We need access to all current jobs as well as jobs of the future (particularly Workforce 2020 jobs.) Improvement to the voluntary transfer rights to all entities within AT&T with seniority, benefit, and pension protection. The transfer systems must be strengthened to assure that they provide equal opportunities to every employee.

Item - Form one Joint National 2020 committee with representatives of each bargaining unit and provide for committees on: technological change, emerging technologies, training and retraining, and career development.

Goal – To identify skill and knowledge sets required to create career paths for employees to successfully migrate to new jobs of the future. In order to prepare our members for “Workforce 2020” and bring the work into the bargaining unit, AT&T must provide training in the new technologies. This could include setting a minimum number of hours of training, use of The Alliance for employee growth and development or other Union recommended training.

Item – Move all titles in appendices and addendum to the core contract.

Item - Scope of work for all titles must be negotiated. No change without negotiations and agreement with the union.

Goal - Improve the wages and work for all titles.

Goal – Core overtime language (time and a half and double time) apply to all appendices.

Goal – Improve working conditions for all work center titles as it pertains to monitoring.

Goal- Improvement in the working conditions of all titles, including sales pressure on Service Representatives. Ensure equitable treatment of employees in all titles. Pay treatment for all titles to be commensurate with all work performed. No expansion of Premises Technician’s (Wire Technician’s) Scope of Work.

AT&T must eliminate the misuse of performance management plans in all departments.
Mandatory overtime, inflexible schedules, pressure to sell, monitoring, GPS, and the harsh attendance and adherence policies that continues to show a lack of respect toward our members. When attempting to resolve on-the-job problems through the grievance procedure, we are frustrated by delays and managers lacking the authority to resolve problems or settle grievances.

Item - Bring all contract expiration dates together.
AT&T Bargaining Council Program and Agenda Items:
-Each Local shall determine the method by which strike authorization and contract
ratification votes will be conducted. At their discretion, Locals may choose to
participate in unit-wide balloting methods that may be conducted under the
auspices of the National union.

CWA Constitution Article XVII (Section 5) and Article XVII (Section 6)
-Prior to any District/Sector bargaining committee entering into negotiations that
would deviate from the National Issues they must obtain concurrence from all
relevant Vice Presidents. In the event of an objection from any Vice President,
concurrence must be obtained from the President.
CWA Constitution Article XVII (Section 3, e,f,g,h)
-Each AT&T bargaining committee under the auspices of the AT&T Bargaining
Council shall select one rank & file member of their committee to serve as their
representative on a National Bargaining committee in the event a National table is
convened, including for health care negotiations and for the purposes of
deliberations over deviations from properly adopted National Issues.
CWA Constitution Article XVII (Section 3, i)
-Each elected bargaining committee member designated to sit on the national
bargaining committee is to be included in all relevant discussions between
bargaining units.
CWA Constitution Article XVII (Section 3, i)
-Any deviations from national bargaining council items authorized or approved by
the Vice Presidents or President, must be reported in writing to the relevant
bargaining committees. Said reports are for the relevant bargaining committee(s)
consumption and not intended for public distribution.

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